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Candle Anointing Oil Kit

Oils have been used for centuries to enhance and empower rituals, helping to bring about your desired outcome.

Our boxes make a beautiful gift for the novice, seasoned practitioner or for those on the go. Each box is handcrafted and washed in patina or burgundy. The top is adorned in feathers and crystals, to help guide you on your journey. Inside are compartments to hold and separate the items it contains.

Easy to follow step-by-step instructions are included.

Our ritual oils are made from pure essential oils added to a base of almond oil. They are not meant for wearing. They are strictly empowered for candle dressing during ritual use.

You may also purchase oil refills


Six oils 1⁄4 oz. each

General ritual: May be empowered for any ritual use

Power: To increase your personal power

Van Van: Used to uncross and/or remove hex

Peaceful: To bring about peace. Good for meditation

Patchouli: Aphrodisiac

Frankincense: Sacred oil, will bring many blessings


Nine assorted candles, 4” long


White: To dispel negative energy, for purity, truth, to protect and to heal emotions

Day: Monday

Energy: Female

Planet: Moon

Zodiac: Cancer


Black: Use to unblock a situation, remove bad energy and to put an end to a bad situation

Day: Saturday

Energy: Female

Planet: Saturn


Blue: Use for peace, harmony, understanding the spiritual realm, patience and tranquility

Day: Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Energy: female

Planet: Moon, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter


Yellow: Use to gain insight for problem solving, mental clarity, confidence and attraction

Day: Wednesday

Energy: Male

Planet: Mercury

Zodiac: Virgo


Red: Use to stimulate, energize, for physical desire, lust, strength and vigor

Day: Tuesday

Energy: Male

Planet: Mars

Zodiac: Aries, Scorpio, Capricorn


Pink: Use for love in its highest form, to raise vibrations, to open heart and for honor

Day; Friday

Energy: Female

Planet: Venus

Zodiac: Taurus


Orange: Use for prosperity, attract success, good luck, energy, adaptability and encouragement

Day: Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Energy: Male, Amazon female

Planet: Sun, Mars, Mercury

Zodiac: Leo


Green: Use for grounding, fertility, good luck and healing

Day: Wednesday, Friday

Energy: Female or Male

Planet: Venus, Mercury

Zodiac: Gemini


Purple: Use for healing in a big way, wisdom, enhance psychic power

Day: Thursday

Energy: Male

Planet: Jupiter

Zodiac: Sagittarius

One Candle holder





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