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Amethyst Light's Crystal Light Bed

Have you been feeling tired, unmotivated, angry, fearful or just plain out-of-balance with your environment? Does reacting to outside influences instead of simply flowing past them frustrate you? Do you seek to find inner peace? Amethyst Light's Crystal Light Bed may be of help.

Because it works on all levels of the body (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual), our Crystal Light Bed is an exceptionally enriching and life-enhancing experience. Since crystals carry very high frequencies, once paired with colored light and placed over various parts of the body, they become capable of re-energizing and re-balancing our cellular water. Roughly seventy-two percent of our bodies consist of water; hence these beautiful Vogel-cut crystals provide a perfect means of transferring subtle energies within.

In its pure, balanced state, water found within healthy cells is capable of harmonizing with the entire organism. In an unbalanced state, unhealthy cells give rise to other conditions that may multiply and flourish. The Crystal Light Bed promotes harmonization among all cellular structures, promoting wellness and balance overall.

Because of their resonance with water, the Crystal Light Bed uses eight specially programmed, Vogel-cut crystals. They are suspended over a massage table. The crystals are aligned to target the seven major energy centers or "chakras" of your body. The Crystal Light Bed radiates corresponding colors to the individual chakras, while helping to cleanse and balance their energies.

Chakras are energy centers in all of us that awaken and harmonize our vital physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy bodies. Chakras and our very cells are record keepers: they store immense amounts of information about what we've experienced. If, for instance, trauma is triggered by some event, we tend to clench up. Or, if the chakras themselves become compromised by blocked or unbalanced energy, the effect may include dis-ease.

Optimally, we want energy to flow freely through our chakras, producing vibrant health and well-being. To free these energies up, particular colors are paired with unique crystals, each of which is pointed at your body energy centers. Basking under such crystalline light produces deep relaxation, harmonization, and realignment.







20 minute session $30.00

40 minute session $60.00

60 minute session $85.00



3/20 minute sessions $80.00

3/40 minute sessions $170.00

3/60 minute sessions $245.00

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